Complete Randomness…

I’m just wondereing why it took me so long to realize that I LOVE LIFE!!! Not that I ever disliked it or anything. I was just never in love with it. I am now though! I look back at the part of my life when I partied all the time and I just can’t believe that was my idea of fun. There is so much more to it than that. I’m not going to lie, there was a point in my transitioning from that life style to this one that I thought I’d always miss that. The problem was that I was just so closed minded to all the other possibilities. I thought that was the only way to “enjoy” life. It is truly an amazing feeling to be able to look at every single aspect of my life and know that it is as it should be…and that I’m happy with it! This is a completely new concept for me. I thought it wasn’t possible. I can attribute this new love for life to many factors. Finally being happy with myself, relaxing, listening to the advice of others, removing pitfalls from my path….But mostly I am not living for other people any more. You can’t make everyone happy and there are even days that you can’t make anyone happy. I have found that when you are satisified with yourself, people feed off of that. If you try to make yourself pleasant to be around, the people that are around you will be more pleasant. That in turn will put you in a better mood and the cycle continues. I don’t care what other people think of me…if they like me or approve of my life. The GREAT thing about life is that each of us is given one to run as we see fit. You have one life to control…yours. No one elses. I have one too. It is not your place to disapprove of someone elses life. It is their gift to do with as they see fit. They will answer to someone far greater than you.

This is not directed at anyone and I have no desire to offend anyone. This is just me thinking “out loud” so to speak!

I love my husband!!!

Just wanted to post some pics of me and the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!

Thanksgiving ’08

Thanksgiving ’08 Again

Sabrina’s b-day ’08

Our first date the third time we “talked”

New Year ’08

Christmas ’08

Going to get a Christmas tree ’08