So this weekend was way fun! Cody and I took off Thursday and Friday from work which equaled a four day weekend. Fabulous! Thursday was a sort of blah day…one of relaxation. Friends came over, grilling out was done. Good times. Now Friday is another story! Cody surprised me with breakfast at IHOP! I so love IHOP! Then we went to see “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” I though it was so cute. Two thumbs up. Cody even liked it!. When we walked out of the theatre is was almost raining…my fave kind of weather. So we walked around Firewheel Mall (which is a completely outside mall). We walked by a store that had a way cute dress in the window so we went inside. That led to an impromptu mini-shopping spree. We didn’t really spend THAT much but I got some way cute things that I needed. Justin came over later that day. We played games until late. It was a really good day! The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same as it usually is. Justin came over again on Saturday and played more games. Laundry was done, the apartment was cleaned, Walmart and Fry’s were visited, as well as McKinney…It was all in all a great four days! I love spending time with my husband and would probably literally never leave his side if I didn’t have to. So…that’s all for now!


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