So Lucky!!!

So this isn’t news to me by any means, but it’s funny how things can just really hit you at a moment for no reason. I am SO LUCKY to have Cody! That’s not to say that we have a fantasy marriage without complication, because we definitely have our moments!! But I just got to thinking yesterday that he is such a wonderful man. I do complain sometimes, but when I look back on the situation, there really was never anything to complain about. I would NEVER want to go out into the dating world again! I wouldn’t be able to find another man like him if I looked for a hundred years! I have found, too, that I love him because of our differences in personality, not in spite of them. He is simple when I am complicated. He is frugal when I want to spend money nilly willy. He is calm when I am hysterical. He is silly when I am sad. He is funny when I am serious. He is understanding when I am ridiculous. He makes me think about things when I just want to take them at face value and fly off the handle. He laughs when I say something stupid. He tells me I am perfect and beautiful even when I am not having a bad day. He says it because he believes it to be true always. He really and truly is my other half. He is everything I am not. Like I said, I always know these things to be true…but I’ve just been thinking about it since yesterday and wanted to share!!!


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