This weekend….

was a BLAST! Cody and I had so much fun together! I have really come to enjoy staying home and being just the two of us. Of course I still love hanging out with other people and going to do things, but I don’t feel a need to be constantly entertained anymore. I’m loving it! Friday night I met him up at work and from there we went to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities…and other non-necessities! Then it was off to the apartment to eat dinner and color my hair! I went a little bit darker than I have in the past, and the risk paid off! I LOVE my new color! I didn’t at first because it was such a drastic difference! I’m pretty sure Cody likes it too. So the rest of Friday was just chill. Saturday we slept in! When we got up we did a little bit of cleaning up and Sims playing (which we have found that we enjoy doing together). Then the day really got started! WE wen to Kim and Dennis’ house and played the Wii. I won bowling by a LOT! I bowled a 223 which is my highest EVER!!! Dinner was at Chili’s which was yummy!!! I highly recommend the Chicken Bacon Ranch quesadillas! Once we stuffed ourselves to the max, we headed out to the MAIN EVENT of the evening! RASCAL FLATTS concert! It was my first real non-free concert. They are AMAZING in concert! It was SO humid!!! We had such a great time together! Sunday was even more shill than Saturday! Slept in again. Played more Sims. Went to the in-laws for dinner and some hanging out there. From there we went to my step-dad’s store and tried helping him with a new computer program….Not as smart as I thought I was!!! Oh well! While I was doing that Cody and Justin were at the apartment doing what boys do! Came home, played the Sims alone while they hung out, and then drifted off into sweet slumber. So that was the entirety of my weekend. It was the best one I’ve had in a long time! Enjoy the pics!!!


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