FINALLY!!! New Apartment pics!!

Facing the front door from the guest side.
Chloe’s room
Guest bathroom
Built in bookshelf
Living room from kitchen
Master bathroom
Master bathroom from another view
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Facing master bedroom from kitchen
Laundry room
Dining room facing kitchen
Dining from kitchen
Built in computer desk
Kitchen from living room
Kitchen from entry
Apartment from entry

So much change….

Tomorrow is move out day! We are so excited to be going on to the next step. It’s a larger more upscale apartment than the one we’re in now. Also, Justin and Jillian (Cody’s brother and his fiance) will be moving there too!!! That’ll be nice to have them that close. The only thing that I am not happy about is the fact that we are leaving the current apartment on Wednesday and don’t get into the new apartment until Thursday….That part sucks! It will be a struggle balancing all that since we will be further away from my family and both of our work places and all of our friends, but I am confident we can do this!!! Out with the old….In with the new!!