5 Weeks

Today is 5 weeks. I realize I won’t be showing for a while but I wanted to start documenting on a weekly basis what’s going on. Honestly, it’s mostly going to be for me later on. I don’t want to forget anything. It seems like this will take forever but I know when I look back on it, it will have flown by! I was going to weigh myself too, but I’ll save myself that humiliation. Instead, I’m going to measure my waist line where I can best figure my baby bump will start growing here in a few months. Today I (shamefully) started at 36 in. So we’ll see how fast that number increases.

According to babycenter.com my baby is the size of a sesame seed this week.

Also of note, my doctor had to reschedule my appointment because of a death in the family. I can understand this. I decided that I really didn’t want to see him anyway. He doesn’t do sonos in his office and I really want that convenience. I’d rather not have to schedule things with the hospital unless completely necessary. Now my appointment is with Dr. Cowart on December 23. Then on the 29th I’ll have my sono. I’ll be 7 weeks on that day so hopefully we can hear the heart beat! I’m so excited.

We’ve also decided that it’s best not to discuss things TOO far into the future. We have a tendency to disagree about things before we agree on them so it seems best to postpone those…umm…discussions.

Cody got online today and was looking at what the baby looks like now. He’s kind of starting to get into it which I LOVE! I think it hit him. He had to see it in writing. It still hasn’t really hit me. I’m just so anxious about the doctor appointment!

Nausea has started in. I haven’t gotten “sick” yet but I think I got pretty close today. I’m still pretty tired for the most part. Hormones are hitting me HARD!!! I’m trying to control it, but I’m starting to react to things very quickly and intensely. It’s kind of fun to have an excuse to say what I really want to say. I’m not complaining about that but I think everyone else will start to soon!

Aunt Jillian got Baby Wells some gifts yesterday. (they are below) My mother-in-law Barb also got us some diapers. They are soooo tiny!!!

Not my sono…just came with the frame!

Cody, Marissa, & Baby


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