6 Weeks

This blog is a couple days late. It’s been a busy week! I was 6 weeks on Tuesday 12-22 and had my doctor appointment Wednesday 12-23 so I wanted to combine them into one post.

I decided this week not to measure my tummy and take a picture. I figured that it was too early to start seeing changes and that I’d wait another couple months to do that. I wish I would have. See, at the doctor appointment yesterday he did a sonogram. In that sonogram there were two embryos and two sacks. That’s right! We’re having twins! They’re going to do a transvaginal ultrasound on Tuesday 12-29 which will give a much more clear picture. The doctor did leave room for a mistake on his end but he seemed sure of what he saw. I really don’t think that he would have even said anything if he wasn’t 100% sure. So there ya go. Twins.

Other than THAT this week has been pretty uneventful. I’m starting to experience some of the more unpleasant pregnancy side effects but nothing too bad. Still no morning sickness. *knock on wood*

We are faced with the task of deciding if we can keep both dogs. We have time to think about it, but it just really seems like it would be alot. We’re going to have to move somewhere less expensive. Our lease is up in August. Babies (plural now) are due in August. So there’s moving, adjusting to the move, having babies, adjusting to the babies, the expense of everything, and then dealing with two dogs who will both be a little over a year old. Getting rid of one is not my first choice, but we may not have a choice. We have to do what’s best for the human part of our family first, the canine part second. It makes me sad to think about it. I love my furry babies.

Anyway, the only pic I have this week is the one that shows the size of the babies. In week six they are the size of lentil beans.

Cody, Marissa, & Babies

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