11 Weeks

Time is flying by for sure! 6 weeks have passed since we found out we’re pregnant.
The sickness is better some days worse others. I’m just still hoping it will be over soon.
So I only have a couple weeks left in my first trimester which is really exciting! I’m having a sono today that we are going to video tape so I may or may not have footage to post on here and Facebook depending on how that one turns out.
Everything else is pretty much the same. Not really anything big to report.
We have announced the baby names. For a boy we have Camden Tyler and for a girl it’s McKenna Ann. Just wanted everyone to know! Hopefully soon we’ll know which one it is. Whichever one we don’t use know, we’ll use next time if it’s not the same gender.
The baby is the size of a fig this week.
I saw this at Target and told my office manager, Kelly, about it so she got it for me!

Here is my 11 week tummy!
Cody, Marissa, & Baby

10 Weeks…2days

I know, I know. I already did my ten week blog. BUT! I had a doctor visit yesterday that I had to share.
He wanted to make sure the heart was still beating. He took this little handheld doppler stick and was moving it all around my belly trying to find the heartbeat. He couldn’t find it, which scared me! So he pulled out the sono machine to try and see it. If you’ve never seen it, it looks like a little flicker of light. Pretty cool. Not only was there a heartbeat but the baby was MOVING! All over the place. Moving hands, moving feet, rolling over! That is the single most AWESOME thing I have ever seen in my life! I actually FEEL pregnant now. It’s finally starting to set in. I just can’t get the image of my little one moving around in there out of my head. So cool…
Here’s the pic!
Cody, Marissa, & Baby

10 Weeks

The last few weeks have flown by! I’m already 10 weeks! The morning sickness seems to be getting a little better. I actually went almost two whole days without getting sick. That was NICE! However, it did not last! Sad face. I am starting to get used to it, though. It’s just something I know once a day is going to happen. I am, in a strange way, thankful for it. I am so thankful to be having a baby and I know that more often than not this is part of it. I know several of my friends would love to be sick everyday if that meant they could have a baby. I think I did over-glamorize pregnancy, though. I’ll know better next time for sure!
I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor. My mom’s going with me to this one so it’s a special visit! I was scheduled for an NTD screening in February. It’s where they check for any spinal defects. We decided not to have it done. It’s done by the 13th week in case there is something wrong…it’s enough time to terminate the pregnancy. We know that is not an option no matter what, so it seemed pointless. Also, there are some possible risks that I’m not willing to take. I was kind of excited because it was described to me as a 3D ultrasound, which would be way awesome. I am trying to use as little vacation time as possible, so it made more sense to not take the time off if it wasn’t necessary. I’m comfortable with our decision on that one.
Some cool things are happening in there this week. Fingernails and toenails are there as well as some peach fuzzy hair. The vital organs are they, but obviously they’ll develop more! On babycenter.com they show you a cartoon version of what the baby looks like right now. It’s so awesome to see that it no longer looks like some alien tadpole. It looks like a tiny baby!
It’s still so hard to imagine that I am ACTUALLY pregnant. I’m not really used to it yet. Just the idea of being responsible for another life is scary and exciting all at the same time. I haven’t had much experience with babies in my life and I’m really hoping it’s as easy as everyone says it is! I’ll have lots of support and help along the way so I know we’ll do fine!
This week the baby is the size of a kumquat. It’s getting sooo big!

Cody, Marissa, & Baby

9 Weeks

Well…I thought I was getting this “random throughout the day” sickness under control. There was getting to be a pattern of nausea all day and the yucky part at night. Not so much. There is apparently not going to be any consistent pattern. I really can’t wait to eat 3 meals again…and snacks. I just wish I could get this crap all figured out. Ugh…oh well. It will be worth it.
I had another sono yesterday. That was so exciting! You can actually see the head and arms. It’s such a beautiful thing. They saw a cyst last time, which is apparently why I had to have this one. As far as I know it’s not a big deal.

There’s not really much else going on this week. The baby is about the size of a grape.
Cody, Marissa, & Baby

Oops…I forgot!

I completely forgot to update this blog! lol Cody and I found out in December that we’re having a baby! The due date is August 17. I started a baby blog! It’s http://www.baby-wells2010.blogspot.com So go check it out when you have a chance! All baby updates will be on that one. We are super excited!

We’re still in Allen, although in August when our lease is up (and when the baby is due!) we will be moving back to Wylie. I’m excited about that! I miss Wylie.
We added a new dog to the family for a couple months. When we got the baby news we really had to think about space and money, so little Lilly now lives with Justin and Jillian. I know she’s happy there with her brother. Chloe doesn’t seem to miss her which I think is sad. She’s loving having all the attention to herself these days!
Everything else is pretty much the same! Can’t complain! Well, only about the morning sickness (which will be worth it) but that’s info for another blog!

8 Weeks

Today makes the 8 week mark of my pregnancy. The doctor’s office called me yesterday and wanted to schedule another sonogram for next week. There was apparently something in my last one that they couldn’t identify. Sooo….kinda nervous about that. They didn’t sound too concerned but I know from working at a doctor’s office that doesn’t mean anything.

Morning sickness has started to really take it’s toll. It’s not so much morning sickness as it is “random throughout the day” sickness. It’s not an everyday thing. I wish there was some sort of pattern or identifiable triggers but it is completely random. It could be worse so I don’t want to complain but it’s still not fun! Also, fatigue is getting worse. Today especially. I miss caffeine….

I think I’m starting to swell slightly in the midsection. Not significantly at all but enough for my clothes to notice. I’ll take another pic here in the next week or so.

Cody has been AWESOME! He offers to make me food. When I don’t want what he made once it gets in front of me, he makes me something else. We went to the movies and I wanted nachos, a pickle, a hot dog, popcorn and a drink. He got me all of them. He’s understanding of the mood swings and fatigue. I couldn’t ask him to do any more because he’s already going above and beyond. There’s nothing he’s not doing for me! He truly is an amazing husband.

There’s not really much else to report this week. The baby is the size of a kidney bean this week. See….

Cody, Marissa, & Baby