8 Weeks

Today makes the 8 week mark of my pregnancy. The doctor’s office called me yesterday and wanted to schedule another sonogram for next week. There was apparently something in my last one that they couldn’t identify. Sooo….kinda nervous about that. They didn’t sound too concerned but I know from working at a doctor’s office that doesn’t mean anything.

Morning sickness has started to really take it’s toll. It’s not so much morning sickness as it is “random throughout the day” sickness. It’s not an everyday thing. I wish there was some sort of pattern or identifiable triggers but it is completely random. It could be worse so I don’t want to complain but it’s still not fun! Also, fatigue is getting worse. Today especially. I miss caffeine….

I think I’m starting to swell slightly in the midsection. Not significantly at all but enough for my clothes to notice. I’ll take another pic here in the next week or so.

Cody has been AWESOME! He offers to make me food. When I don’t want what he made once it gets in front of me, he makes me something else. We went to the movies and I wanted nachos, a pickle, a hot dog, popcorn and a drink. He got me all of them. He’s understanding of the mood swings and fatigue. I couldn’t ask him to do any more because he’s already going above and beyond. There’s nothing he’s not doing for me! He truly is an amazing husband.

There’s not really much else to report this week. The baby is the size of a kidney bean this week. See….

Cody, Marissa, & Baby


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