Oops…I forgot!

I completely forgot to update this blog! lol Cody and I found out in December that we’re having a baby! The due date is August 17. I started a baby blog! It’s http://www.baby-wells2010.blogspot.com So go check it out when you have a chance! All baby updates will be on that one. We are super excited!

We’re still in Allen, although in August when our lease is up (and when the baby is due!) we will be moving back to Wylie. I’m excited about that! I miss Wylie.
We added a new dog to the family for a couple months. When we got the baby news we really had to think about space and money, so little Lilly now lives with Justin and Jillian. I know she’s happy there with her brother. Chloe doesn’t seem to miss her which I think is sad. She’s loving having all the attention to herself these days!
Everything else is pretty much the same! Can’t complain! Well, only about the morning sickness (which will be worth it) but that’s info for another blog!

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