11 Weeks

Time is flying by for sure! 6 weeks have passed since we found out we’re pregnant.
The sickness is better some days worse others. I’m just still hoping it will be over soon.
So I only have a couple weeks left in my first trimester which is really exciting! I’m having a sono today that we are going to video tape so I may or may not have footage to post on here and Facebook depending on how that one turns out.
Everything else is pretty much the same. Not really anything big to report.
We have announced the baby names. For a boy we have Camden Tyler and for a girl it’s McKenna Ann. Just wanted everyone to know! Hopefully soon we’ll know which one it is. Whichever one we don’t use know, we’ll use next time if it’s not the same gender.
The baby is the size of a fig this week.
I saw this at Target and told my office manager, Kelly, about it so she got it for me!

Here is my 11 week tummy!
Cody, Marissa, & Baby

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