Happy Birthdays to Us!

Cody and I are one year and a few days apart, me being the older one of course! Throughout our marriage we have combined presents for Christmas, birthdays, Valentines Day, etc. We also put our birthday money we get from family towards these combined gifts. Otherwise, we couldn’t afford them on our own! I love that we do this! I’d rather buy something practical that we’ll both enjoy instead of something random that only one of us can get use out of. Yes, we treat our individual selves sometimes, but I think the bigger presents should be mutually beneficial. I think it’s great that we’re both like that!

My 25th birthday was on January 23rd. Cody got me(us) a digital picture frame which I am in love with! We never did print out pics of our wedding…or anything since we’ve been together! It’s nice to finally be able to see all of those memories randomly. You can even plug in a memory card or flash drive when the internal memory gets full. It’s great! We also got a new digital camera. This will come in VERY handy when the baby FINALLY gets here!! It’s a Samsung I think and it is a 12.2 megapixel camera. We haven’t taken a TON of pictures since we’ve been together but I think we plan to now that we have a decent camera. We went out to eat and to a movie with my parents which was FUN!! It’d been too long since we went out with them! We ate at Cheddar’s and saw Leap Year. Such a cute movie!! We also went over to my in-laws that weekend for a yummy dinner and some cake!
His 24th birthday is coming up on February 7th. I already gave him his present because I can’t wait for stuff like that!!! I got him(us…well mostly him) a Logitec Harmony 900 universal remote. We had another universal remote but it was pretty crappy. It has a touch screen and is RF (meaning it can work through walls). He loved it! I’m glad too because he is so hard to buy for! Can I just say that I love finding things on sale! We’re going out to eat tonight and then over to his parents on Sunday for dinner and cake. I’m not sure what else the weekend holds!
AND THEN Valentines Day is coming up. I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing about that either. But, it doesn’t matter because I will be with my Love and that’s all I need!!!

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