The Day of Lurve

This V-day was a great one! We didn’t really do a whole lot. Just spent some alone time together. Last year I had gotten some steaks and marinated them overnight. That was going to be our V-day dinner. Well….of course it would rain! The steaks had to wait for another night. So our last minute dinner…Sonic! This will now become our tradition! So this year we went to Sonic for lunch and did lasagna for dinner. We also watched a movie. Good times.
I didn’t think that we were really doing much present wise. We generally don’t because we buy stuff all year so when it comes to present holidays, there’s not much to get! lol I made him a candy bouquet and got him a card. Now, his present to me requires a back story and a sense of humor! The week before V-day, I had gotten and forwarded to Cody a text that said “No woman will ever be satisfied on Valentine’s Day because there is no such thing as a chocolate penis wrapped in money that ejaculates diamonds.” He never responded and I thought nothing more of it. Well….guess what my present was!!! A chocolate penis wrapped in money that was “ejaculating” diamonds! I laughed SOO hard!! That is by far the best gift I have EVER gotten!! He is going to have to try really hard to top that. I LOVED IT! He had gotten a penis shaped cake pan and turned it into a chocolate mold. He stuck a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond journey necklace coming out of the…umm…tip. It was wrapped in saran wrap and had one dollar bills taped to it! It seriously was awesome! He also sent me beautiful flowers at work. (Can’t let those be overshadowed by my chocolate penis!)
He really is so thoughtful and sweet to me. I love that he gets me and knew that I would love that! We have the same sense of humor for the most part. I KNOW that we are meant to be together. Sometimes, I think he’s perfect. Other times, not so much. But V-day was perfect this year! Can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives hold!!


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