15 Weeks

Holy Crap!!! Has it really been 15 weeks? The pace is really picking up! Only four more weeks until we find out what we’re having. That doesn’t seem so far away anymore. We’re super excited!!
I bought maternity clothes. My work clothes still fit for now but my jeans just got too tight. I can still button them, but they’re not comfy at all. Sometimes I think I’m showing and sometimes I don’t think I am at all. It depends on what I’m wearing which makes sense. I meant to take a picture this week but forgot. I’ll do it in the next day or so.
I haven’t been sick in a few days. I’ve gone longer before and then got sick again, but I’m still holding out hoping that I’m done with all that mess.
The baby is getting BIG! It’s crazy to see it on the sonograms. The legs look so long! I think it moves around a lot more now too. Of course, I’ve figured out how to help that a little bit. A little sugar and some killer dance moves and that baby is dancing all on it’s own!!
I’m getting more and more excited everyday! I keep thinking about our little baby being here actually with us…what life will be like then… Some things are a little scary, but that is starting to subside and excitement is taking over! I think Cody is getting excited too. Sometimes he’ll rub my tummy and talk to the baby a little bit. He wouldn’t used to do that, but I think seeing an actual baby-looking baby on the sonogram is making him realize that there is actually a little baby in there. It’s so much more real now for both of us I think.
The baby is the size of an apple this week!
Cody, Marissa, and Baby

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