19 Weeks

This week is a HUGE week for us! We found out today that we’re having a little girl!!! Her name is McKenna Ann. I am so freakin‘ excited I can’t stand it! This means I was wrong! I always thought boy and the moms both always thought girl. So I guess grandma’s intuition is a little more finely tuned that mommy’s! But that’s to be expected.
I’m not really sure what else to say on this blog! I’m too excited to think about anything but this precious little girl that I am carrying inside me. The morning sickness, maternity clothes, physical discomfort, etc. doesn’t matter right now!!! I will update all that, however, so this blog can have some meat to it!
Morning sickness is not even an issue any more. I get sick once or twice a week but I can never remember what days it was. I’m so used to it now. I think Cody is too because he doesn’t say anything anymore when he hears me.
I got this thing called BeBand from Target. It must be made in Heaven. I love this thing! I can wear my pre-maternity jeans (which I can still button up although not comfortably) and some maternity pants that are still a little big. I will cherish it forever! It wraps all the way around me and keeps my pants up.
This week McKenna is the size of an heirloom tomato. She weighs 9 ounces and is about 6 inches long.
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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