24 Weeks

Only 16 weeks to go now! Only 3 more weeks left in the second trimester. Holy Cow!! We registered at Babies R Us this weekend, which was fun and overwhelming at the same time. We still need to go back over it. I’m sure there’s stuff there that shouldn’t be and stuff that we missed that needs to be added on. They gave us a checklist and we completely forgot about it!!! Oh well…I’m sure we’ll get it figured out here soon!! It was nice to finally pick the bedding and decorations for her room! That was my favorite part!
We’ve been hanging out with some friends lately that just had a baby. It scares me how uncomfortable I am around babies!! I’m freaking having one and I freak out when they cry. I hope it’ll be different when it’s my own. Surely it has to be! I figure I’ll get the hang of things in my 6 weeks of maternity leave I’ll have. Cody will be there for two of them, I think. Then I’ll have her all alone for 4 weeks. THAT should be interesting! I am hoping as well that I at least somewhat get the hang of it before he goes back to work! I’m sure I will. Everyone says it comes naturally! I’ll let ya know if that’s REALLY true!!! lol
She is REALLY kicking hard these days and it’s getting higher and higher on my stomach. You can really feel her if you push down. Now you can barely feel her when you just lay your hand where she’s kicking. Pretty soon it will be visible. I’m looking forward to that!
The kidney stone situation seems to have resolved itself. Who knows. The doctor told me he still thinks that it’s a kidney stone and I still think it’s not. He also said that sometimes things just hurt on a pregnant woman that won’t hurt anymore when you’re not pregnant. That there is no rhyme or reason to it. I can handle that. It hurts a little but not bad at all. I can “suffer” through it until she’s here and I can do something about it, whatever it is, if it still hurts when I’m not pregnant anymore.
Hormones are starting to rear their ugly heads too! I personally don’t think it’s too bad, but others may disagree. I just get mad so fast! But I also think I get over it fairly quickly too. Who really knows!!!
It’s getting hard for me to get into and out of certain positions and I’m not anywhere near as big as I’m going to get. Oh boy! These next couple months should be fuuuun!
I also had my glucose test yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The “juice” was fruit punch flavored and I didn’t mind it at all! It was a tad sugary, but not syrupy so it was easy to get down. I’m not sure how long it takes the results to come back, so hopefully I passed!!! I have my next sono and and office with the doctor at 28 weeks.
She’s getting so big! She’s about the length of an ear of corn, almost a foot long!
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

23 Weeks

Holy freakin‘ cow. Only 17 weeks to go!
She’s been kicking harder, so that’s been fun. She still seems to move the most when music is on. I’m not sure why, but I’m assuming she likes it! My mom got to feel her on Saturday so that was pretty cool. Other than Cody supposedly feeling her, she’s the only one so far!
I went to the doctor on Friday and he said I probably have a kidney stone. All that pain I was feeling Monday and the constant dull pain I’ve been feeling since then is apparently a possible kidney stone. I’m not really convinced. They couldn’t visualize it on a sonogram but I have all the symptoms of it. He gave me pain medication on Friday. Nothing too strong but it has codeine to help me sleep if the pain gets too bad. I took it Friday night but haven’t since then. I got sick three times on Saturday and I’m not entirely convinced the pain med wasn’t the culprit so I’ll only take it when absolutely necessary. Pain medication always makes me sick, but it’s right away, not all day the next day, so who knows!!!
My belly is, of course, getting bigger! Shockingly so! It seems every day I wake up it’s bigger. Every time I put on the same shirt it gets tighter and tighter! It’s fun but not terribly attractive. I’m hoping my body will bounce right back after she’s born, but that’s probably too much to wish for! Other than Saturday I haven’t gotten sick in a few weeks, so I’m thankful for that!
I went to a couple garage sales with my mom on Saturday, too! She got McKenna a bouncy seat that is soooo cute! (Thanks again, Mom) Cody let me get a glider that is in great shape and was a killer deal!! I’m really excited! It makes me want to peruse other garage sales to find more treasure! The only thing with the glider is the color. It’s white with red cushions so we may have it reupholstered. If not, I’m fine with the red. It won’t go with our stuff but with the price we paid for it I don’t care!!!
She is about the weight of a large mango, which is a little over a pound.

Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

22 Weeks

This week has had its ups and downs. Bad news first. I started having a pain in my lower right side in the back when I woke up yesterday morning. It got increasingly worse as the day progressed and I developed a low grade fever. I called the doctor and they had me come in to do a urinalysis to see if there was any infection. I went home from there to rest. The fever went away fairly quickly and the pain slowly diminished. It still hurt until a little after lunch today. I had a sono this morning but haven’t gotten the results of that or the UA yet. I think it’s either a kidney infection or a kidney stone but we’ll see what the doctor said.
Now the good news! She’s really starting to move around in there. It seems to be mostly when the radio is on. She really like Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” which is a bad sign according to Cody! She didn’t like the sono probe pushing on her habitat either! It was so cool to watch her push back and feel it at the same time. I’m really loving this!
She is the size of a spaghetti squash this week and she officially weight 1 pound 1 ounce.
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

21 Weeks

Only 19 weeks to go!! I’m ready, but not ready. I so want her to be here it’s unreal! Our lease is up August 7 and she is due August 17. We are not staying in this current apartment for sure, but I don’t know where we’re going. This means I can’t really do anything about getting a nursery ready until last minute. I guess that’s not really that big of a deal. We can plan it out and put it all up when we get wherever we’re going. It also means that figuring out where to go for daycare will be difficult. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up in Wylie whether we buy or rent again. We’re also looking at Sachse, Murphy, and other surrounding areas as well. I think Wylie is a safe bet, though. Daycare is expensive but not as bad as I thought. I’m still hoping we can find an in-home daycare. Another hiccup would be if she came early and interrupted the moving process. There is no bad time for her to come, but we really need to be in a new place before she gets here. I don’t want to bring her home to the chaos of moving!
I felt her move Friday!!! Cody said he felt her Saturday morning, but I’m not convinced. He hasn’t felt her since then and she’s starting to move around a lot more. It’s really the coolest thing ever! The only trigger that I can find is being stuffed with food. She moves more after I eat! I’ve tried caffeine and that doesn’t seem to have much of an effect at this point. My mom says that one day I’ll be wishing she would stop kicking me, but I just don’t see that happening!
We’re looking into getting a 4D ultrasound. We might do one in the next week or two, but we’ll probably just wait until the beginning of June and do one around 30 weeks. I’m excited for that. I think they’re really neat!
This week she should be 10 1/2 inches long which is about the size of a carrot. She is getting so big so fast and she’s not even born yet. It’s amazing to me how much I love her already!!
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna