25 Weeks

Well, apparently the pregnancy hormones kick in around 25 weeks! I’m starting to feel them surging through my body. I get mad fast and cry easily! I’m used to being a little more even tempered so this is different!
McKenna just keeps kicking away! She can be felt easily from the outside now. She also isn’t chilling on my right side anymore. She’s more in the middle. That seems to have been at least part of the pain problem I was having. I still hurt a little bit, but not bad at all and not every day. I’m thankful for that! I am tired all the time! I can’t wake up. I am also moving slower in the mornings. Must be from my GINORMOUS belly! The sad thing is it’s going to get bigger and bigger! I’m not used to this either! I am ready for her to come on just as soon as she can do it and be healthy. I don’t care what anyone says, if he’ll induce me early I’m doing it! If you think babies should be let to wait until they’re ready to come, then do that with yours. You’re not having this baby. I am. And like I said, if he’ll let me I am doing it!
I had a sono yesterday right at 25 weeks. It’s crazy how big she’s getting!
According to the internet she weighs about 1.5lbs and is 13.5 inches long! She’s about the size of an eggplant. The website I usually use said she weighed as much as a rutabaga, but that is one hideous veggie. An eggplant is much better! I can’t believe she’s that big, though!
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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