31 Weeks

Only 9 weeks to go! Finally down to single digits.
These last few days McKenna has been moving around in there tons!! The more she moves the more I LOVE it!! It’s so funny to see my belly move too! She’s still a little shy. She’ll be moving all around and as soon as I have someone come feel, she stops!
Saturday we have “family” pictures. We’re doing mostly couple shots with some maternity mixed in. We’ve never done professional pictures together (even at the wedding) so I am really looking forward to it! It’ll take about 2 weeks to get the proofs back, so I’ll post some when we have them. I still want to do an actual maternity shoot with belly pictures and props and whatnot. I want to wait until we get the nursery set up though so we can do some in there too! The shower is next weekend to there is lots to look forward to!
Other than my back hurting a little bit I feel great! This is more of what I though pregnancy would be like.
She’s a little over three pounds which is about the weight of 4 naval oranges. Hurry up baby! Mommy is READY to meet you!!
Love Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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