33 Weeks

I know, this is 2 days late, but I had an appointment yesterday. I thought I’d wait to blog until after that just in case there was some news to report. Nothing. I know she’ll come when she’s ready but I’m hoping she’s ready here in the next few weeks. Both my mom and Cody’s mom start back at school on August 16, so the more time we have with them before then, the better!
Not much has changed this last week. She is still kicking up a storm. I really don’t think that my tummy has grown too much this week. We did put her bedding on her crib, even though her crib is still at our apartment which is not its permanent home. I’m just nesting and it’s killing me not being able to get ready for her for another couple of weeks. Having her bedding on at least makes it seem like we’re doing something to get ready for her. It made me feel a little better anyway!

I’m just ready to get moved in and settled in!! We should be in by July 17th and then she can come anytime after that. I’ll be 35 weeks at that point and that’s close enough some times, right? I really do want her to stay in and cook as long as she needs to to be healthy…but I want her here, too. I’m sure all mom’s feel that way!
I am starting to panic about everything, though, now that we’re closer to D-Day. I want her room ready, I need to pack a bag for the hospital, I am going to be giving birth to a baby soon which is freaking me out a little, and then I will be a mom…to a baby…that needs me. It’s all so wonderful and just crazy at the same time!!! It has gone by so fast!!!
The shower was this weekend. It was WONDERFUL! Kelly and Kim did a great job setting it up and running it. I’m so lucky to have such awesome friends and family her to help and support me. I would imagine that there aren’t a lot of people as lucky as I am.

She is about the size a pineapple. She should be a little over 4lbs and over 17 inches.
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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