37 Weeks

I talked to the doctor while I was at my appointment Wednesday…he said we can induce on the 9th!!! Sooo…that means in 9 days from today, McKenna will be here! I can’t believe it’s already time. This is just so nuts!
At my 36 week check up, the doc sent me down to L & D to have an NST (non-stress test) to check on her. She hadn’t really moved that morning, but she was just fine! Apparently she was sleepy that day. I know how she feels! While I was there the nurse checked me…1cm and 0% effaced. Awesome. No where NEAR having a baby! Which I was 36 weeks, so I guess I shouldn’t be! The doc said at my 37 week appointment that he could check me if I wanted him to, but that there honestly probably wouldn’t be much to report. I declined the check, knowing that if I was still 1cm it would ruin my day. Apparently appointment days are just going to suck for me, because I left his office almost in tears at the 36 and 37 week check-ups. He said he’ll see me back Monday for the 38 week appointment and we’d schedule the induction for the following Monday! I’m super excited about it! I’d LOVE for her to come on her own, as long as she does it by then. If not, I’m evicting her!
I have been having signs of progression, though, so I’m thinking about doing some walking and trying a couple other old wives’ tales and seeing if I can help her come on her own. I am pretty sure what I’ve been feeling is contractions, but they don’t hurt so I’m not entirely sure that’s what it is. I have been having lower abdominal cramping and lower back pain. My entire abdomen will tighten up, then loosen up…but that doesn’t hurt at all. So I’m pretty certain we’re on our way to having a baby, but aren’t there quite yet!
Her room is ready and my hospital bag is almost done. I just have a few more things to get from the store then we’re all ready for her! Cody is getting excited, too. That’s been some of the most fun in this last TERRIBLE month! He keeps me sane! Everyone says the last month is the worst, and they aren’t lying! The sleepless nights, exhaustion, waddling, SWOLLEN feet, pressure on the bladder, hormones to the umpth degree…everything just hurts. I know it will all be worth it in just 9 short days…or less!!!
This week she is about the size of a swiss chard. For the next baby, I’m going to try to find a list of things to compare it to that I have actually heard of!!!
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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