38 Weeks

This is taking tooo looong!!! I’m ready for my baby girl to be here! We have an appointment Monday morning at 8:45 and I am reallyyyy hoping we’ll be inducing that day. There isn’t really a good reason not to.
She’s been moving around a lot still, even though she doesn’t have as much room! I’ve been feeling sick and I think it’s probably because she’s got body parts all up in my stomach and there isn’t room for the food I’m putting in it. As I type this I am fighting the urge to go vomit. Sorry, TMI I’m sure! I’m exhausted all the time!! My right foot only is swollen and sore. When she gets this hiccups I can look down at my tummy and see it jumping. It cracks me up every time! I’ll miss that!
It’s just time…I feel like she’s trying, though. I keep having contractions but nothing consistent. They have been getting more painful, but like I said, not consistent so I know it’s not quite time yet. I was at 2cm this past Monday, so maybe the contractions have made progress in that department. I sure hope so.
She is about the size of a leek this week. Lol…that rhymed! Sorry…I’m delirious!
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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