2 Week Check-up

(Sorry for the poor quality. This was taken with my phone.)

Today McKenna is 2 weeks old and had her second doctor visit. She did great! She is up to 20 1/4in and 7lbs 2oz. She is in the 10-25 percentile for her height and 50 percentile for her weight. I’m still not really sure what that means. The doctor gave us the official ok to let her sleep as long as she wants during the night, which we have been already. The trouble is she wakes up every 3-4 hours anyway! Oh, well. As long as she gets what she needs, mommy is happy!

They had to prick her heel! The state needs blood for something apparently. The first time they pricked it, she didn’t bleed enough so they had to prick her again! She was crying and hurting and there was nothing I could do about it. That made me so sad! I cried too! Cody laughed at me, but I couldn’t help it. That was such a horrible, helpless feeling. I know she was just fine and as soon as they got what they needed and left her alone, she stopped. This motherhood thing is a tough gig!
Her umbilical cord is literally hanging on by a thread. It freaked me out! After her last bath there was blood on the towel and her cord looked bloody and gooey. I thought maybe I had rubbed it off too soon or something but apparently that’s normal. So I’m thinking that after her next bath it may just come off. Then I won’t have to worry about it anymore. I’m always afraid I’m going to tug on it or something and hurt her. That’s the last thing I want to do!!

She eats great and sleeps great. I love being the one that can calm her down when she’s upset. The fact that once she’s in my arms she stops crying is just awesome to me. That was one thing I was worried about. When it’s other people’s kids that start crying, they go back to mommy or daddy. I don’t know what to do with them. With her, I just know what to do. It’s amazing to me.

I’ve really enjoyed my last couple weeks off work. Cody started back at work yesterday afternoon, which is fine with me! He was ready to go back, too. He was getting bored…and he was driving me bonkers. So I am ready for my last 4 weeks all alone with my baby girl!

Well, it’s about feeding time again! And little missy had a blowout at the doctors office which led to her peeing all over the place too so SOMEBODY needs a bath! We cleaned her up with baby wipes but she needs a bath today anyway.
Cody, Marissa, and McKenna

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