I’m so excited!

I am just thrilled about this upcoming year! There is so much to be thankful for and look forward to!

I’m thankful first of all for my little family. I love Cody and McKenna so much and feel so blessed to have been given them. I truly don’t deserve them. I am also so very thankful for our individual families. They are always there for us and are all wonderful people!
I’m excited that we’ll be out of debt and able to buy our own house this year! That is such a huge thing to me. How awesome will that be to be able to say that this early in our lives? That we are debt-free and own our own home?! This is another reason I am thankful for my family and for Cody. If it weren’t for my parents letting us live with them while we pay things off and Cody being so strict (even though I hate it sometimes) about money that we spend, this wouldn’t be possible. It just makes me thrilled to know that we’ll be able to give McKenna a good life.
I’m also hoping to try and get into shape this year, as is everyone else in the world I’m sure. Not just losing weight, but getting in shape and healthy. I want to be able to keep up with McKenna when she goes running around! I would also like to be a little more in shape if/when I get pregnant again. I think it would make the recovery for my body a little better next time around!
I am grateful for my job and the doctors that I work for are wonderful! I’m excited to see how the practice develops and changes over the next year. I love my coworkers and am glad to have made some great friends in the time that I’ve been here.
I’m sure I could keep going on, but these things were on my mind this morning so I thought I’d share!


Has it really been since March that I posted on here?! Guess I’ve been busy…I’ve kept up with all things baby a little better on the baby blog, but now that she’s here and officially a part of the family, I think I’ll just keep this one updated. It’s been a little too long on both of them to catch up on everything, so I’ll hit the major points, post some pictures, and try to keep up better from here on out.
McKenna was born August 10 weighing in at 6lbs 7oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She’s a beautiful little girl and we love her sooo much! Recently her personality has really started to develop. She’s so happy all the time unless she’s hungry or tired. We recently started her on baby food and she loves it! She didn’t know what to think at first but by the second day she was slurping it down. She was trying to take my hand and shove the spoon into her mouth! Her technique is a little off… She’s holding her head up perfectly all on her own. She can almost sit up by herself and she isn’t crawling yet, but she’s trying to get there! She has definitely found her voice and lets us know if she feels like she’s being ignored. She loves Dad so much! I know she loves me too, but she just lights up when she sees him. It’s the cutest thing ever.
We moved in with my parents in July. We are paying off debt and saving up for a down payment on a house. It’s not the most ideal situation for anyone, but it’s working out pretty well. It’s going to be so nice to start out in our own place free of debt. I’m so excited. We’ve kind of started to look at houses but we’re not quite there yet.
I think that’s about it… 🙂

Less than 24 hours old

Halloween 2010

Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Shopping for her first Christmas Tree

Christmas pictures by Mommy