5 Months

McKenna Just turned 5 months old last Monday. She has so much personality and I love it! She is definitely becoming somewhat of a diva. She let’s us know when we aren’t meeting her expectations!
She is starting to discover faces and that there are things located on them. I’ve been poked in the eye, had my cheeks pinched, and she had a death grip on my nose once that I never thought she’d break! She also loves Cody’s facial hair. She just pats it. She and Chloe are seeming to become great friends. Chloe will just kiss her hands and face and McKenna will smile. She’ll also reach out to touch Chloe’s back and face. They’ve come a long way!
We started her on baby food at 4 months old and she is doing GREAT with it! She loves it. The only thing that she didn’t seem to care for was peas. I’m not sure if it was the taste or the thicker texture but she did gag a little. She ate them, just not happily.
She smiles when I come into the room which just makes my heart melt! Not only does she know who I am but she LIKES me!

New Hobby

I’ve kind of been getting into photography lately and I am loving it! We got a DSLR camera before McKenna was born and we’ve used it, but not like a DSLR. We’ve been using it as a point and shoot, really. I have just recently just started using it more to its full potential. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve also come a long way so far. I did a maternity shoot for my friend Amber. I was quite pleased with the results. Here are some of the pictures I took and edited.