Playing Catch Up

As my previous post stated, I have combined all of my blogs into this one. It makes me happy.

So there’s been some stuff going on. Ya know, we got pregnant with McKenna the first month we tried. We were so lucky, even more so than we knew at the time. We had an easy pregnancy and an uneventful delivery. At the time she was born, we were living with my parents and shortly after Cody lost his job. We lived with my parents for about a year and a half….and moved in with Cody’s parents. So with all this going on, we weren’t really in a big hurry to start working on baby #2. We had time. I mean, getting pregnant is easy, right? So we lived with Cody’s parents for something like 6 months and FINALLY got our own place. Once we got settled in and were here for a while, we decided we were ready to add another mouth to feed.

One month went by and we didn’t get pregnant. That’s ok. Not unusual at all. One month turned unto 3 which turned into 6 which turned into a year. Ok, I started freaking out a little somewhere around 6 months. Once you go a year without getting pregnant on your own, they start to run some tests. Some as simple as some blood work, others a bit more unpleasant. Well, the results of these tests ended up not being too good. I’ll spare you all the personal details {I’m not into sharing that much at this point} but we actually have 3 issues between the two of us. One being hormone issues on my part. My body is functioning correctly, but because of low hormones my eggs aren’t good enough, essentially.

So last Tuesday we started treatment. I had to take pills for 5 days so today is my last day of pills. Also today starts the shots. In my tummy. Which because of the time of day it has to be done, I get to do myself. Omg. I don’t know if I can do this. I’m thinking about going to Cody at work and making him do it. But I won’t I can suck it up. It’s totally worth it.

So to everyone who has wondered or even asked when Baby Wells #2 was going to be making an appearance, the answer is that we don’t really know. We are hopeful that this will work but have been informed we have a 25% chance of success. So….that doesn’t really sound too hopeful, does it? Just be thinking of us, praying for us, doing fertility dances for us, or whatever you do to put positive juju into the universe for people. We need all the help we can get!

Meanwhile, I’m off to go shoot up some drugs! Wish ME luck!


One thought on “Playing Catch Up

  1. I shall go sit with my legs in the air for 5 minutes in your honor :P. I love you girly and SOMEONE has to be part of that 25%, why can’t that someone be you?!

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