I Made a Dress

So Cody bought me a sewing machine a while back. Maybe, like, a year ago? I have made all of one blanket with it. I just have never made the time. I decided to FINALLY put that sucker to good use and made a pillowcase dress for McKenna. I know, I know. Can’t get much easier than that, right? Well, I need easy. I’ve not taken any classes or watched any YouTube videos on the subject. I did follow an easy tutorial. It was a lot of fun!! The hardest part, I thought, was the armhole situation. I mean, come on. I’m so green that sewing a straight line is a challenge. You want me to sew a circle?? It did turn out great, though, I think. Can’t wait to do another one!! {She posed for me which gave me a chance to photograph the dress AND play some with my new Canon 35mm 1.4L lens! BONUS!}


MAP_0605-1-logo MAP_0615-1-logo MAP_0626-1-logo


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