Branching Out

I have a Facebook page and a Blog for my photography now. I also ordered some business cards. I’m hoping to try to put myself out there some more. I really want to get some more experience. I’m loving what I’m doing so far and can’t wait to do more!

More Pictures

This seems to be all I do/want to do these days…take and edit pictures. I got some new things which I am thrilled about! I got an external flash with a Gary Fong Lightspere, a backdrop setup, and some things for Photoshop. I did some playing around with McKenna this weekend. She’s such a good model! I also did some things with Cody’s brothers and sister but somehow deleted all 190 pictures which I am STILL mad about. There were some really great ones in there. Still not sure how I managed that! I have also recently made a photography blog to try and put myself out there. If you like, check it out! The picture of the lovely family was before I got my new toys!