You Get What You Give

So I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days just kind of writing it in my mind.

I have always heard that you get back from your body what you put in it. If you put in healthy foods and drinks, exercise regularly, and take care of yourself you’ll have energy and feel great. If you put it sodas and junk, you’ll be sluggish and just generally feel like crap. Also, I think it’s pretty well known that you crave what you consume. If all you feed yourself is sugar you’ll want more. If you start drinking a lot of water, that’s what your body will want.

I have found from personal experience lately that it works the same for us spiritually as it does physically. If all you put in your mind is negative things, it really starts to affect you. You search out more negative things and the next thing you know, all the good and positive that you know is overtaken and overshadowed by negativity. Other people’s perceptions and opinions do not have to affect our own. What makes sense to them does not have to make sense to me. On the flip side, if you fill your mind with good things then that’s what you’ll search out. You’ll find ways to get past the things you struggle with. You may not get a resolution to your issues, but oddly enough you’ll feel at peace about that.

I had been filling my head with negative and completely laying aside all of the positive. It’s toxic. This last week or so I have made the switch back to only seeking that which is uplifting and helpful. It’s so amazing how things that I have been struggling with don’t really have anything to do with the specific negative things that I have let in. Since I have been focusing only on the positive, the unrelated struggles have eased. It helped me to see that everything is tied together, even if it’s not obvious to us at the time. It’s been a great lesson to me.

So my new goal: No matter how tempting and enticing the negativity seems, it’s just not worth it. If I focus on what I know to be true and the rest will fall into place!