On a happier note….

I decided to go through pictures of McKenna’s life. My plan: To make a slideshow set to sappy music so when I’m sad or happy….I can watch it and cry. As I was going through them, I felt something. Thankfulness. I am so happy to have her. She really is the light of my world, keeping me from total darkness. I am also thankful for the man who helps me raise her. He, too, can be credited for keeping the darkness at bay.

Something else I am thankful for that’s a little less sappy: having a DSLR. I’m pretty sure this girl is better documented than the Kardashian’s. I LOVE looking at all of these old and newer pictures and seeing how she’s grown and I love having these quality shots. {Well, the more recent ones are better quality but that’s because I know what I’m doing now. Then? Not so much.}

I am in more of these pictures than I thought, but I plan on trying to be in more. Also, I found that I spend too much time getting her dressed and all done up for pictures and not enough time taking picture of her being HER. I spend too much time cleaning up messes and not enough time helping make them. I don’t think I’m a bad mom, but I could be better. I’m TRYING to be better. This may be the only shot I have at this motherhood thing and I want to do it right.

MAP_0814 MAP_0960 MAP_0966 MAP_1012 MAP_1032



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